Online Counselling


Online counselling can provide flexibility and convenience. It can be the ideal solution for many, including those with disabilities, carers, parents, those who live in rural areas, and simply people whose schedules do not always allow the time to attend traditional face to face counselling. Before deciding whether to go ahead it is worth considering how you usually interact online. There are advantages and disadvantages, a similar thing could be said about face to face too.

I offer online counselling via the Zoom platform, as it is considered to be secure and confidential; and can be done using a smartphone or tablet quite easily. It must be remembered that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and also requires the client to take steps to keep sessions private from other members of the household.

I am happy to discuss with you and review, as necessary, whether online counselling is the right thing for you; and swap to the other methods if necessary.

Whilst we rely on the use of the internet so much we need to remember technical issues can occur occasionally. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for interruption to the counselling session due to unreliable internet connection. I will always be sympathetic and aim to resume the session where it is feasibly possible.

Things to consider

Whilst online counselling can seem ideal with its greater flexibility there are things to consider when deciding whether it is for you.

  • Privacy- would you be able to ensure there was a time, and place each week where you would be able to attend sessions without interruptions. Some people, especially in shared households like to use headphones, just to ensure their privacy.
  • Location- It can help if you think about where you will be for our sessions, preferable somewhere comfortable which feels secure to you. Whilst often bedrooms can seem the logical choice, it can help to somehow “separate” off the therapeutic space, but this can be as simple as not sitting on the bed, or using a different chair to usual.
  • Confidentiality- When using a shared computer or network confidentiality can be an issue. However I could talk you through any worries you might have to ensure our sessions remained confidential. Unfortunately public access computers, such as in libraries are not suitable. In this instance I might suggest telephone counselling instead.
  • Familiarity- Using new platforms for communication can seem daunting. However most are quite straightforward and I can provide a simple how to guide for those not used to using the Zoom platform. I can provide an opportunity prior to the session, free of charge, to iron out any practical issues about the setting up of Zoom.